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Navigator is mobile, adaptive and always available; consider us your business partner. Our fixed fee monthly subscriptions include all of a business’ compliance needs together with unlimited advice and support.

We can implement and manage innovative software that will help our clients run their business better. All of our services include hands-on accounting and IT application support.

Navigator offers a variety of packages, all designed to suit a variety of different businesses. We believe cloud accounting is the future of accountancy, so each package comes with Xero implementation and support. Also, we offer a selection of one-off engagements and bespoke services.


Business Accounting Packages

Tailored to suit your business

We offer a variety of fixed fee accounting packages that are designed to provide all of a business’ compliance needs together with unlimited advice and support, and a Xero subscription to help you maximise the power of having financial information at your fingertips. We are always available to help our clients achieve their business and financial goals.

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Inland Revenue Audits and Debt

Count on the experts when dealing with Inland Revenue

We possess an in-depth understanding of Inland Revenue’s function as a check and balance on the tax system. We utilise this knowledge to manage Inland Revenue audits effectively and help our clients negotiate payment instalment arrangements and partial or full debt remissions and write-offs. With our expertise, we ensure the best possible outcome when dealing with Inland Revenue.

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One-off & Specialised Engagements

Stay ahead with smart tax advice

We offer a large number of one-off engagements and bespoke services to help our clients resolve specific tax queries, access tax pooling, incorporate companies, implement smart IT solutions such as Xero and Vend, help with international taxation queries and much more. Our specialist services also include the establishment of charities and liquidation services.

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