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Inland Revenue Audit Management

We possess an in-depth understanding of Inland Revenue’s audit function and how the selection process works. We can use this knowledge to manage Inland Revenue audits effectively and ensure the best possible outcome for the benefit of our clients.

Too often accountants do not deal with Inland Revenue audits effectively on behalf of their clients. As a result, they miss settlement opportunities, and their inaction can encourage Inland Revenue to dig deeper into a client’s affairs rather than a proactive approach which can wrap a review or audit up quickly.

We are available to strategise and assist taxpayers at any stage of an Inland Revenue risk review or audit. We also have experience in taxpayer disputes with Inland Revenue and can help manage the disputes process under part IVA of the Tax Administration Act 1994.

Inland Revenue Debt Management

We are experts in managing Inland Revenue tax arrears. We help our clients enter into instalment arrangements to pay off outstanding debt and apply for interest and penalty write-off’s where applicable.

Proactive management of Inland Revenue debt arrears and maintenance of instalment arrangements can save thousands in interest and penalties.

We often find solutions to debt problems for our clients which results in part of the debt being written off and the other part becoming an installment arrangement, which eases cash flow pressure and provides certainty moving forward.

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